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For Thirty Pieces of Silver

For Thirty Pieces of Silver

"For Thirty Pieces of Silver" is a collagraph print depicting the battered face of Christ with hand wrought silver coins representing the thirty pieces of silver that were paid for his betrayal.The image is printed from a handmade plate, crafted from various materials that create value when inked and printed. Each print is hand-inked and hand-pulled and is considered to be an original since it is impossible to ever complete the process the same way twice! 19 1/2" x 15 3/4"

Giclee: Originally printed from a hand-made collograph plate, emotion pours from this battered face of Christ. The hand wrought Roman coins depict the 30 pieces of silver that were paid to betray Jesus.

  • 8.5in x 6.75in Giclee (Handworked) - $125.00
  • 16in x 12.75in Giclee (Handworked) - $375.00

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