About Bobbi Loudon

Bobbi LoudonFrom the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she was born, Bobbi Loudon draws intensity, energy and a freshness that bursts forth from her artwork.

With a degree in commercial art and her background in graphic and fine arts, Loudon has worked in various media including painting, printmaking, sculpture and glasswork. She is well known for her versatility. Printmaking is special to her with focus on the collograph print and monotype, both one-of-a-kind hand-pulled prints. Studio time is being shared with large scale (acrylic or mixed media) paintings and unique hand cut glassworks.

It is in abstract imagery that Bobbi's work went global. Whether in an abstract or realistic style, Loudon enjoys the challenge of marrying form and space with action and color. Bobbi's goal is to create a unique enjoyment and personal involvement for each viewer.

"I am continually inspired by God's amazing creativity. If you look closely, you will see that He has already done it all...yet we are given the unique opportunity to put our own spin on His incredible design and composition."

Loudon's work has been shown, published and distributed in the US, Canada and Europe. She has participated in international exhibitions and symposiums as well as numerous local and national exhibitions. She is proud to have had her creations aboard two American Naval vessels and public schools in Washington State.